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Customized service,with the rapid development of biotechnology nowdays, this word is mentioned by more customers.According to the increasing complexity of instruments, reagents and experiments, it is difficult for standardized supporting consumables to fully meet the differentiated needs of customers. On the contrary, customized high-quality supporting consumables are one of the key points to comprehensively support the upgrading of medical devices and diagnosis industry both in domestic and abroad.
JJtech biotechnology cutting-edge development on strong mold design ability, we can provide machine tool precision processing and plastic forming service. In addition to the sales of conventional products, we also provide various customized services to the industry. Since its establishment, JJtech biotechnology has focused on the design,production and sales of high-precision plastic laboratory consumables in the medical and diagnostic area. Our deepwell plate, pipette tip, tube and bottle products are sold worldwide with stable quality and competitive price; The nearly more than one thousand square meters workshop,class 100,000 clean room.
hundred thousand level dust-free workshop jointly put into operation with American apricot is the stable design and generation base of Apricot's fully automated tips products.

Production only by orders,Short delivery period
Ensure exclusive market through confidentiality agreements
Cheaper than imported consumables
Adjust parameters according to the effect at any time
Determine the material,size and process according to the specific requirement
Customization--The key to the industry upgrading
Customer provide the formula / order, JJtech biotechnology is responsible for fabrication of molds and products, and finally submit finished products.
Customers provide orders, JJtech biotechnology provide customers with mold and product R & D support, design and generation, and finally submit finished products.
The complete management team of the original axygen design / generation line and years of accumulated industry experience enable us to process molds and design and customize products with special sizes, models and materials according to the needs of customers.
Introduction To Precision Mold Manufacturing Department
The precision mold manufacturing department is mainly responsible for the design and manufacturing of new product molds, with more than 20 professional technicians, including mold design, processing programming, CNC, milling machine, grinder operators, mold fitters, polishers, etc. In addition to ensuring the mold manufacturing of the company's own products, it also undertakes the design and manufacturing of custom molds. At present, the Department has more than 20 kinds of processing and testing equipment, including 6 machining centers (2 Sodick, 2 makio and 2 others), 6 EDM machine tools (2 makio, 1 FANUC and 3 others), 2 wire walking machines (agiecharmiles), as well as milling machines, grinders, lathes and projection detectors of various types. Up to now, the precision mold manufacturing department has manufactured more than 300 sets of molds, including various types of deep hole plates, centrifuge tubes, drippers, culture bottles / dishes, etc.

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Intelligent manufacturer of laboratory
Make consumables more reliable