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Quality control system
JJtech biotechnology, make every effort to meet the needs of customers. For customer satisfaction, we have formulated quality policy and quality objectives, committed to providing better quality and quantity, innovative and more effective products, to serve the world. This is a never-ending process and we continually review our quality systems and products against regulatory requirements to ensure the correctness of our approach. The quality policy below reflects our company's focus on our customers, and we have worked hard to build and maintain that trust over the years. 1. Better quality promise for our customers. 2. Reasonable use of risk assessment to ensure the safety of design and delivery. 3. Excellent cost control, providing effective products. 4. Comply with applicable regulatory and compliance requirements and increase everyone's responsibility for quality. 5. Promote a culture of continuous improvement.
The R&D Department of JJtech biotechnology is mainly responsible for product design and development, mold design and manufacture, and production delivery. On the basis of ensuring the research and development of the company's own products, it is also committed to transforming customers' ideas into products that can be stably massproduced. With the joint efforts of the team, we have managed the whole process from an idea, to 3D modeling, to drawings, to model construction, to samples, testing, verification, and then to the implementation of the production process. We have built a trusting, efficient and coordinated team. The R&D department is directly led by the general manager, and the R&D engineers have more than 20 years of experience in product design and plastic mold design, and have developed many products. Our mold making engineers have been in mold making for 15 years, and our two injection molding engineers have been in injection molding for over 20 years. Our R&D process is: 1. After accepting the task and collecting the basic information of the product, evaluate the feasibility of product development; 2. 3D modeling of products, analysis and discussion of product structure, and targeted optimization combined with mold design; 3. Mold structure design, mold flow analysis, technical seminars, and final determination of mold structure and processing technology; 4. Mold manufacturing; 5. Mold trial; 6. The mold is delivered for mass production.

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